The top ten highest-earning sports pundits in the UK have been revealed

The top ten highest-earning sports pundits in the UK have been revealed

The ten highest-earning UK sports pundits have been ranked, and the likes of Alan Shearer, Gary Neville and Gabby Logan have been included.

Last year, The Mirror reportedly crunched figures and detailed the annual wages received by presenters working across ITV, BBC and Sky Sports.

The top ten highest-paid pundits have been ranked and revealed below:

10 Ian Wright - £150,000
Since Ian Wright’s retirement in 2000, the 59-year-old has acted as a pundit for both the men’s and women’s games. Having made multiple appearances across BBC’s Match Of The Day and ITV, Wright reportedly rakes in £150,000 per annum.

9 - Jermain Jenas - £200,000
Former Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United midfielder Jermaine Jenas sits ninth on the highest-earners list by allegedly earning £205,000. A highly respected pundit for BBC and BT Sport, Jenas has also branched out and currently works as a presenter on The One Show.

8 - Micah Richards - £205,000
A firm fan favourite, Micah Richards currently works as a pundit across BBC Sport and Sky Sports and is also a columnist for Daily Mail Sport. The former Manchester City star reportedly brings home £205,000 for his efforts.

7 - Gabby Logan - £210,000
Former gymnast Gabby Logan has exclusively worked with BBC since 2016 but has previously fronted shows for the likes of Sky Sports and ITV. The 50-year-old allegedly earns £210,000 per year for covering the likes of the Olympics, World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.

6 - Mark Chapman - £250,000
Broadcaster Mark Chapman had his start as a continuity presenter on BBC Two and has since produced coverage for the Summer Olympic Games, the Super Bowl and the Carabao Cup. As per the Mirror, the 50-year-old Lancashire presenter currently earns £250,000 per year from BBC and Sky Sports.

5 - Jason Mohammad - £255,000
Cardiff-born Jason Mohammad has slid into the top five highest-paid pundits due to reportedly earning a whopping £255,000 per annum. At the time of writing, the newsreader is currently the host of Final Score on BBC One and hosts the morning show on BBC Radio Wales.

4 - Alan Shearer - £450,000
The current Premier League record goalscorer and Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer, reportedly earns £450,000 per year for working on Match of The Day. As well as working as a BBC Sport analyst, Shearer also moonlights as a columnist for The Athletic.

3 - Jamie Carragher - £1million
Breaking into the top three highest-paid pundits is Jamie Carragher. The current face of Sky Sports coverage, Carragher reportedly rakes in a stunning £1m for his Premier League coverage.

2 - Gary Neville - £1.1million
Pipping his Sky Sports co-host to second place on this list is Gary Neville. The Ex-United and England international reportedly makes a cool £1.1m for his Premier League coverage. Outside of his punditry work, Neville owns various hotels, and has recently become a dragon on Dragons’ Den.

1 - Gary Lineker - £1.3million
As per the publication, Gary Lineker is the highest-paid sports pundit with a reported annual wage of £1.3m. The star’s salary has previously been defended by BBC’s chief content officer, Charlotte Moore.

Last March, she said: “Look, I think we know that viewers really value the presenters that we have on some of our bigger shows. And the audience that loves Match of the Day has a huge love for Gary Lineker.”

“It’s about value to the audience in the end, and whether we think that it’s the right person for the job, with the right level of experience, with the right ability to present in a way that is really accessible, enjoyable and entertaining.”

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