Jurgen Klopp Slams Man City Fixture Timing

Jurgen Klopp Slams Man City Fixture Timing

In a recent statement, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his frustration over the scheduling of the club's upcoming match against Manchester City. The clash, which will take place on Saturday, November 25, at 12:30 pm, marks the third consecutive time this season that Liverpool will be involved in the first Premier League fixture immediately after the international break.

Klopp questioned the decision to schedule such a crucial match at a time when many players will still be recovering from international travel and fatigue. He remarked, "Honestly, the people making the decisions, they cannot feel football. It is just not possible."

The manager also highlighted the logistical challenges posed by the scheduling, noting that players from South America will be returning on the same plane and traveling back to Liverpool immediately. "And by the way, the players will all come back on the same plane, all the South American players, picking them up from different countries," he said.

Klopp's comments underscore the growing concern among managers and players about the potential impact of fixture congestion on player welfare and performance. With an increasingly packed football calendar, managers are finding it increasingly difficult to give their players adequate rest and recovery time.

Liverpool's upcoming match against Manchester City is set to be a pivotal moment in the Premier League title race. A win for the Reds could see them leapfrog City to the top of the table. However, Klopp's concerns about the scheduling could add an extra layer of uncertainty to the match.
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