Mikel Arteta reveals rival Premier League managers' reactions to his VAR outburst

Mikel Arteta reveals rival Premier League managers' reactions to his VAR outburst

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed that his Premier League rivals share his frustrations over the use of VAR.

Arteta was charged by the FA after his outburst following Arsenal's defeat to Manchester City last month. However, he has refused to back down from his comments and has defended his right to speak out about what he believes is an unfair system.

"When we are in those [manager] meetings, when we are all together, we all share the same feeling, that's for sure," Arteta said.

"Errors are part of evolution. The trajectory is never going to be like this [gestures straight up], there are always going to be bumps in the road and these things are necessary to improve the game in the right way.

"But we have to talk loudly. If you have a problem and you put it in your draw, the problem is in the draw and it's going to stink at some point.

"If you have a problem, let's talk about it, try to improve it. That's what we are trying to do. Nothing else guys."

Arteta also pointed out that he never made any personal attacks or accused any individual of bias.

"I never went for the referees or the people at the VAR room," he said. "I never went into that personal direction.

"But I think we have to start talking about it because it's a problem that is affecting everyone. It's not just about Arsenal, it's about all the teams in the Premier League."

It remains to be seen whether the FA will take any further action against Arteta. However, it is clear that the Arsenal manager is not going to shy away from speaking his mind about VAR.
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