'PGMOL needs to address the standard': Arsenal FC support Mikel Arteta’s post-match comments

'PGMOL needs to address the standard': Arsenal FC support Mikel Arteta’s post-match comments

Arsenal Football Club has issued a statement in support of Mikel Arteta's post-match comments following the club's defeat to Newcastle United on Saturday.

In his press conference after the game, Arteta was critical of the refereeing, accusing the officials of making "unacceptable" errors. He also said that the Premier League "deserves better" and that PGMOL, the body responsible for refereeing in England, needs to "urgently address" the standard of officiating.

Arsenal FC's statement echoed Arteta's sentiments, saying that the club "wholeheartedly supports" his comments. The statement also praised the players and traveling supporters for their efforts at St James' Park.

"The Premier League is the best league in the world with the best players, coaches and supporters, all of whom deserve better," the statement said. "PGMOL urgently needs to address the standard of officiating and focus on action which moves us all on from retrospective analysis, attempted explanations and apologies.

"We support the ongoing efforts of Chief Refereeing Officer, Howard Webb and would welcome working together to achieve the world-class officiating standards our league demands."

Arsenal's statement comes at a time when there is growing frustration among fans and pundits alike over the standard of refereeing in the Premier League. There have been a number of controversial decisions in recent weeks, and many believe that the league needs to do more to address the issue.

It remains to be seen whether PGMOL will take any action in response to Arsenal's statement and Arteta's comments. However, the club's intervention is a welcome development and shows that they are taking the issue of refereeing seriously.
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