Premier League referees 2023/24: Full list of officials in English League

Premier League referees 2023/24: Full list of officials in English League

All Premier League Referees and Hometown

The 2023/24 Premier League season is set to feature some changes for both referees and players following an update by football's lawmakers.

VAR remains a central part of Premier League refereeing, but the English top flight will also look to mirror other changes implemented by IFAB, relating to added time, offside and penalty-related fouls.

Changes are often met with fan criticism and the 2023/24 campaign will be another test for referees, their assistants and VAR operatives.

The e360hubs looks at the confirmed referee list for the new campaign including details on age, hometown and experience as a Premier League official.

Premier League referees 2023/24
The Premier League confirmed 20 referees for the 2023/24 season including experienced officials such as Anthony Taylor, Stuart Attwell and Graham Scott.

Darren Bond has also been permanently moved into a Premier League role after stepping up from the EFL in January, alongside a fresh promotion for Tim Robinson.

Referee Age Hometown PL debut Major finals refereed
Tim Robinson 39 Middleton-on-Sea December, 2019
Darren Bond 43 Lancashire January, 2022
Anthony Taylor 44 Manchester February, 2010 2015 EFL Cup, 2017 and 2020 FA Cup, UEFA Super Cup 2020
Paul Tierney 42 Wigan March, 2016 2021 EFL Cup, 2023 FA Cup
Simon Hooper 41 Swindon April, 2018
Stuart Attwell 40 Nuneaton August, 2008
Michael Oliver 38 Northumberland January, 2010 2016 EFL Cup, 2018 and 2021 FA Cup
Andy Madley 39 Huddersfield June, 2019
Robert Jones 36 Merseyside September, 2018
Peter Bankes 41 Lancashire August, 2019
Craig Pawson 44 Sheffield March, 2013
Jarred Gilleett 36 Gold Coast, Australia September, 2021
Darren England 37 Doncaster August, 2017
Michael Salisbury 38 Lancashire November, 2021
Johns Brooks 32 Leicestershire December 2021
Tony Harrington 32 Durham December 2021
David Coote 41 Nottinghamshire April 2018 2023 EFL Cup
Graham Scott 55 Oxfordshire November, 2014
Tom Bramall 32 Sheffield August, 2022
Chris Kavanagh 37 Greater Manchester August, 2017

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