Sports doctor reveals how long Gavi will be out with injury

Sports doctor reveals how long Gavi will be out with injury

Barcelona received the worst news of the season today when it was confirmed that Gavi has suffered an ACL injury while on international.

According to sports doctor Juanjo Lopez Martínez, who works as a personal physician of tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, Gavi will be out for at least 9 months.

"Looking at the video and the play, it seems that there is a precedent prior to the play that he withdraws. It is a manoeuvre called 'valgus', with the knee inward," the doctor explains.

"Furthermore, with a rotation of the knee. He continued moving and then in receiving the ball more or less normally, he felt the greatest instability.

"I think it was the first play where the cruciate was injured and especially because of the valgus.

"As for deadlines, nine months. Neither before, nor usually after. There is the surgery, which requires a new plasty, the new cruciate ligament.

"The usual thing is to use either hamstring tendons, or patellar tendons, or patellar tendons. of quadriceps, which is the most common," he adds.

It's sad news for a player who was expected to help Barca through the season and probably help his country fight for the Euros in 2024.

If the prognosis is as bad as this doctor says, then Gavi will also miss the Olympics in 2024 as well.
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