Why Osimhen would cost much less than €160m — explained by top source

Why Osimhen would cost much less than €160m — explained by top source

Chelsea are long-term admirers of Victor Osimhen and by the looks of it, the Nigerian would like to move to the Bridge as well.

The biggest problem is Napoli, who demand €160m for the striker's services. However, according to credible journalist Ben Jacobs, in the end the Italian side will have to settle for a €120m fee.

"The indications have always been from Napoli sources that it is very unlikely he will be available in January," Jacobs explained to Give Me Sport.

"So then Chelsea, like others I suppose, face a conundrum do you move in January or do you wait for Osimhen in the summer? And I think if Chelsea feel like they could get Osimhen then they would wait.

"By next summer the price will have dropped a little bit unless, obviously, Osimhen signs any kind of new deal at Napoli. Aurelio De Laurentiis [Napoli president] has always tried for about €150m or €160m and the reason for that is because he argues they paid Lille €80m for the player.

"And I'd say he argues that because the numbers are a bit contentious. It includes the payment upfront which was maybe €50m, plus bonuses, plus player swaps. That is how Napoli calculated the deal is worth €80m, and therefore De Laurentiis has always argued in the past because of Osimhen's form and I think he was eighth in the Ballon d'Or, they need double that number, which if they got it would be €160m.

"Flash forward to the summer, the number will be more like €120m in likelihood, which is about £100m and in the current market for a player like Osimhen, that is going to tempt quite a few clubs. Chelsea included."
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