Why Spain head coach is not to blame for Gavi's knee injury

Why Spain head coach is not to blame for Gavi's knee injury

Gavi was subbed off after just 20 minutes for Spanish national team, succumbing to a knee injury. Some Barcelona fans are pointing fingers at Luis de la Fuente for fielding the midfielder v Georgia in the first place.

But is it even fair to blame La Roja boss?

Speaking to the media after the game, De La Fuente said: "If it is not Gavi, it could be someone else. This can happen at any time. It was an accident and a misfortune, but Gavi was perfectly fit to play, like everyone else. It was when he stepped and lost his knee."

Indeed, the ACL tear (the diagnosis, which is still not officially confirmed by the Barcelona medical staff, though) can happen to anyone - and not because the players are fatigued or overused. The midfielder seemed to have injured himself after landing badly on his foot. This could have happened in training, as it did with Thibaut Courtois before the season even started, for example.

Dwelling on what could or couldn't have happened if Gavi stayed on the bench is unproductive. Instead, let's focus on supporting the youngster's recovery and hope for his swift return to the pitch.
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