Adidas will count seven of their teams as 'elite' next season including Man Utd and two other English clubs

Adidas will count seven of their teams as 'elite' next season including Man Utd and two other English clubs

Adidas have included Manchester United and two other English clubs on their list of elite teams next season.

Like most major brands, Adidas have different levels of sponsorship for their football clubs.

These include Elite (top-tier), Premium (second-tier), Standard (third-tier), 3rd Party (fourth-tier), and no direct contract (lowest tier).

However, Adidas have recently acquired a couple of new clubs, with Newcastle set to be made an elite team after signing a deal with the super-brand over the summer, according to Footy Headlines.

Back in August, it was confirmed that Roma would not be made an elite level team and would instead join the likes of Ajax, Celtic, River Plate and Boca Juniors in the second tier.

The main difference is that elite level teams receive authentic Adidas jerseys as well as a third 'lifestyler' kit.

Newcastle will reportedly join fellow Premier League clubs Arsenal and Manchester United in the elite tier, alongside Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Juventus and Flamengo.

Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal and United are top of Adidas' ranking currently.

Only Real Madrid and Manchester United offer long-sleeve authentic away kits for sale, while Arsenal and Bayern are the only teams who receive bespoke women's kits.

Announcing Newcastle's new partnership with Adidas, which commences next season, a club statement read: "We are excited to announce that adidas and Newcastle United Football Club have once again joined forces in a new partnership that aims to drive excitement both on and off the pitch.

"This collaboration brings together two iconic names known for their history, innovation, and commitment to excellence within football.

"As Newcastle United Football Club embarks on a new chapter for the men's and women's team, adidas is honoured to provide them cutting-edge sportswear technology.

"Our previous partnership delivered some of the most iconic kits of the 90s and we look forward to creating many more unforgettable moments, inspiring fans and players alike."
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