'After all the years...': Klopp explains why Liverpool have best defence in EPL

'After all the years...': Klopp explains why Liverpool have best defence in EPL
Liverpool have conceded the fewest goals in the Premier League at the moment. The Reds have let it just 16 goals in 19 games; Arsenal have conceded 18 and Man City 21.

Jurgen Klopp was what's changed, especially considering that last season Liverpool conceded 47 goals in 38 league matches, same as, for example, Chelsea, who finished 12th. The gaffer has given a detailed response.

"General defending obviously, that's how it is. Yeah, that's it pretty much," the German said, as quoted by the club's official website. "So everybody buys into how we have to work.

"It's not that the team last year didn't do that, it's just after all the years... it's always a problem if you lose too many balls in moments where you don't expect it. How many goals did we concede – 16?

"Probably eight or nine of them were after we lose the ball and are a bit exposed, so that's how it is, and that was obviously last year even more a problem. Because it's really difficult to prepare for these situations. You try to dominate a game and in the moment you lose it, you are in different positions and so that's why sometimes you can get caught.

"We do better now. Recently we stepped up counter-pressing-wise, which helps as well. That means everybody reacts better – front line, midfield line and in the last line obviously as well.

"If you feel that the midfield and front three or how many are really involved in counter-pressing, you can have a higher line because then you are in challenges and they cannot skip balls just behind you and all these kind of things. So there are plenty of things.

"We worked obviously a lot on it but we did that last year as well. It's just the effort that everybody puts in."

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