Ancelotti Satisfied with Draw Against Betis Despite Late Goal

Ancelotti Satisfied with Draw Against Betis Despite Late Goal

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti expressed satisfaction with his team's performance in their 1-1 draw with Real Betis, despite conceding a late equalizer.

Ancelotti Acknowledges Betis' Efforts:

"We played a good game, both teams were well-matched and the result was fair," Ancelotti said in his post-match press conference. "We conceded the goal when we were in control due to a lapse in concentration. Betis didn't deserve to lose based on their effort and good play."

Confidence in Lunin:

"Lunin did well, showcasing confidence and personality. We'll see what happens in the next game," Ancelotti said of the goalkeeper's performance.

Looking Ahead:

"The scoreline is good and we're happy with the game. We controlled it well against a strong Betis team. We have the lead, and now we turn our focus to the next challenge. We can't always win, but this has been a complete match with both mistakes and successes. We'll take this positive result and continue the team's good run."

On Betis' Goal:

"It was a fantastic goal from Bellingham," Ancelotti admitted. "We lost the ball and our defense was slow to react, but the shot was brilliant. This is a good point for the league table. You want me to say I'm disappointed or angry, but I'm not. We move forward."

Maintaining Momentum:

Despite the late equalizer, Ancelotti remains confident in his team's ability to maintain their positive momentum. "The team has been performing well, and I'm satisfied with our progress. We will continue to work hard and strive for success in the upcoming games and beyond," he concluded.
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