Barcelona players have been 'banned from showering' at their stadium and training centre

Barcelona players have been 'banned from showering' at their stadium and training centre

Barcelona players have been 'banned' from showering at their home stadium and training centre for the foreseeable future.

Xavi's side are playing their home games this season at the 54,367-capacity Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys, with Camp Nou currently closed due to ongoing renovation work.

The stadium, which was previously used by rivals Espanyol between 1997 and 2009, means that Barcelona have been able to continue playing their home matches in Catalonia.

Catalonia has, however, been subjected to a long-running drought which began last year. As per Reuters, rainfall in Spain since September 2022 has been around 17 per cent below the 30-year average.

This has led to the Catalan government taking a number of drastic steps to address the situation, including for a 'pre-emergency phase'.

But while other provinces and cities in the region had already had special measures placed upon them, the situation in Barcelona has remained relatively unchanged.

That has not been the case in recent weeks, though, with the government announcing that water bills will rise in the city. Permitted water consumption, meanwhile, has dropped from 230 litres a day to 210.

Catalonian authorities have warned that Barcelona may need to have fresh water shipped in by boat over the coming months, with a purification plant already used to make up for the reduction in water from wells and rivers.

The impact has stretched as far as Barcelona's first team squad, with Xavi's side told they cannot shower at their stadium or training facilities due to the need to preserve water.

The Minister of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, David Mascort, has warned Barca that if they continue to use water at the same levels as at present, they will have to 'compensate' for that usage - and that players should shower at home.

He told Spanish radio station Cadena SAR (quotes via Mundo Deportivo): "What Barca has to do is compensate for the water it uses with irrigation and save with showers. Whether in Montjuic [home stadium] or in the Ciutat Esportiva [training facility].

"All these equipment consume a lot of water and have the obligation to reduce their compensation.

"If they [Barca] want to continue watering the fields, they will have to compensate even more for what they consume."
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