Deco Throws Shade at Xavi: "No Consensus" on Barcelona Squad List Scandal

'We didn't come to consensus': Deco refutes Xavi's words on squad list scandal

Barcelona's recent squad list controversy has taken another turn, with advisor Deco directly contradicting Xavi's claims of agreement. The saga began with Lewandowski, Gundogan, and Araujo mysteriously missing the team list for the Antwerp game, allegedly due to Xavi wanting to rest them. However, president Joan Laporta and Deco reportedly intervened, requesting the players' inclusion, to which Xavi seemingly acquiesced.

Xavi attempted to quell the controversy, insisting to Marca that "the squad was agreed upon with Deco and the president," emphasizing his final decision-making authority. He dismissed the controversy as baseless: "You generate controversy where there is none. It makes no sense."

But in a post-game bombshell, Deco publicly disputed Xavi's narrative. "The call-ups are a matter for the coach," he conceded, but added a crucial caveat: "We did not come to a consensus on anything." This seemingly throws shade at Xavi's earlier claims of collaboration.

Deco further explained the change of plans, attributing it to "travel and management reasons," leaving the door open for various interpretations. Did Laporta and Deco effectively overrule Xavi? Or was it a genuine logistical issue that necessitated everyone's travel?

The conflicting statements leave fans and media alike scratching their heads. Was this a simple misunderstanding, or is there a deeper power struggle brewing within Barcelona's hierarchy? The lack of definitive answers only fuels the fire of speculation.

One thing is clear: the squad list saga has exposed a potential rift between Xavi and the club's upper echelons. How they handle this conflict and navigate future disagreements will be crucial in maintaining stability and ensuring Barcelona's continued success on the pitch.
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