Ed Woodward's Legacy: 4 Players Gifted Long Contracts, Now Clubless

Ed Woodward's Legacy: 4 Players Gifted Long Contracts, Now Clubless

Ed Woodward's time at Manchester United was a rollercoaster, but not the fun kind. His focus on commercial over sporting success left a trail of questionable decisions, and none more puzzling than the long-term contracts handed to players who seemingly didn't deserve them.

Let's take a peek at four prime examples, who, despite being free agents, remain surprisingly clubless:

1. David De Gea: Once a world-beater, De Gea's recent form has been riddled with errors, especially in crucial cup finals. Despite his high wages and long contract, no clubs are rushing to snap him up. Has his attitude, fueled by cryptic social media digs at teammate Andre Onana, played a role?

2. Jesse Lingard: Loved by fans but inconsistent on the pitch, Lingard received a surprising contract extension. After a brief, unsuccessful stint at Nottingham Forest, he's been clubless for months. Could his lack of recent playing time be deterring potential suitors?

3. Eric Bailly: The latest addition to this dubious list, Bailly's contract was terminated by Besiktas after a first-team ban. Injury-prone and with a questionable attitude, his future remains unclear despite reported interest from Villarreal.

4. Phil Jones: A fan favorite plagued by injuries, Jones' long-term contract was a head-scratcher. Years of rehabilitation couldn't fully restore his form, and he left United as a free agent. Now, he's reportedly pursuing a coaching career, leaving his playing days behind.

These four cases highlight the pitfalls of Ed Woodward's transfer strategy. Handing out long contracts based on past glories or potential, rather than current form or character, proved to be a costly mistake.
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