Jurgen Klopp's bizarre fine system at Liverpool 'leaked' by one of his former players

Jurgen Klopp's bizarre fine system at Liverpool 'leaked' by one of his former players

Liverpool's brutal fine system under Jurgen Klopp has been revealed by James Milner, who 'ran the court' during his time at the club.

Milner enjoyed eight stellar seasons at Anfield before ending his association with the club last summer.

He played 332 times for Liverpool and won the Premier League and Champions League during his storied spell.

The veteran midfielder, who could also operate as a full-back, was one of Klopp's senior players in the Liverpool dressing room.

He not only captained the team during his stint but was also in charge of dishing out fines to players for breaking rules.

Speaking on the High Performance podcast, Milner opened up about the German boss' strict system that saw the use of a 'big inflatable dice'.

He said: "We had the fines. We had a court case, we had a big inflatable dice, you had to roll it and things like that.

"If someone was late but they had a reason or flip flops in the gym and there was a reason.

"We randomly drew who was on the jury that day and I would basically be running the court and arguing why someone should be fined.

"And someone would argue the case if they shouldn't be fined."

The dice would determine the outcome of the fine - players could either avoid their punishment, increase it or attempt to get rid of it as he revealed the bizarre game Roberto Firmino had to do during his time at Liverpool

"So, the dice was you can either pay the fine or you had different things. One would be a double payment. One would get off with it. One would be a forfeit," added Milner.

"Bobby Firmino was on a Swiss ball trying to balance to throw a tennis ball into a foam roller and he had three attempts and if he got it he didn't have to pay."

The 37-year-old credited Klopp's methods for uniting the dressing room, saying: "It was a good togetherness thing and I think that these little things create that dressing room."
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