Why Real Madrid Want Brahim Diaz Cap-Tied to Spain: A Barca Fan's Perspective

Why Real Madrid Want Brahim Diaz Cap-Tied to Spain: A Barca Fan's Perspective

In a surprising twist, Real Madrid is pushing for Spanish teenager Brahim Diaz to commit his international future to Spain, rather than his birth country Morocco. This has sparked outrage among some Barcelona fans, but one Barca supporter, Laura Michelle, has offered a logical explanation for Real's stance.

Michelle argues that Real's motivation isn't national pride, but rather the potential disruption caused by the African Cup of Nations (AFCON). If Brahim switches allegiance to Morocco and they qualify for AFCON, he could miss up to a month of club football next January, weakening Real Madrid during a crucial period.

This concern is particularly relevant because La Liga clubs already face the challenge of losing players to both AFCON and the Asian Cup, which often fall outside the official FIFA international window. This can leave teams depleted and disrupt their league campaigns.

For Real Madrid, the situation is different. Currently, they have no African or Asian players in their first team, meaning they won't lose anyone to continental tournaments. However, by securing Brahim's commitment to Spain, they can avoid the potential AFCON-related disruption in the future.

With Brahim just three caps away from permanently tying his future to Spain, Real Madrid's strategy becomes clear. It's not about national loyalty, but about protecting their squad from the unpredictable schedule of international tournaments. While some may see this as unfair to Brahim, it's a calculated move that prioritizes club success.
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