Why Wolves fans held up yellow and red sheets of paper during Premier League clash against Nottingham Forest

Why Wolves fans held up yellow and red sheets of paper during Premier League clash against Nottingham Forest

Wolves fans have decided to protest during their Premier League clash against Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon.

At the end of last month, Wolves manager Gary O'Neil said poor refereeing decisions were affecting "reputations and livelihoods" after his team fell to a controversial 3-2 defeat at Fulham.

Referee Michael Salisbury admitted the decision to award the first of two penalties against Wolves was an error, according to O'Neil, who has grown increasingly frustrated by certain VAR calls in recent weeks.

The Premier League side have been on the end of several debatable decisions of late and as a result, unhappy fans are going above and beyond to make their voices heard.

In fact, sheets of paper that read "enough is enough" were handed out ahead of Saturday's clash against Nottingham Forest, with further instructions printed on the back.

The Times reporter Charlotte Duncker posted a picture of the paper which declared: "It's time to take our game back.

"Please hold these cards up as the teams walk out and during the Premier League anthem. We've had enough of the lack of consistency and the loss of common sense with VAR decisions.

"Any other opportunities you get, show these to cameras around the ground. This is our game, not theirs. Thanks for your help."

As well as the above message, X account OGP, who organised the protest, detailed a plan of action starting from 12pm onwards.

Thousands of yellow and red placards were handed out to supporters outside the south bank and in city centre pubs, featuring messages such as "Show VAR the red card" and "No apologies. No flowers. Just fairness."

Banners were also displayed in and around Molineux, with one reading: "Give us our game back".

After Wolves' defeat to Fulham last month, Gary O'Neil made his feelings clear about VAR and the lack of consistency around refereeing decisions.

"I've always been for VAR but I think it's causing a big problem at the moment," he told Sky Sports in his post-match interview.

"I'm managing a big football club here - the difference you're making to my reputation, the club's progression up the league, people's livelihoods is huge.

"It can't be with all the technology, in the best league in the world, it can't be OK. We should discuss the game really but unfortunately we have to discuss this."

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