'He should've just hired Romero': Fans react to James Maddison's family protection dog

'He should've just hired Romero': Fans react to James Maddison's family protection dog

Premier League players' security became a hot topic again after a burglary at Jack Grealish's posh home. Just days after Christmas, burglars broke in while Grealish was playing for Manchester City against Everton. Reportedly, £1 million worth of jewellery and watches were stollen.

Interestingly, Grealish's England teammate James Maddison might have some tips on home security. Back in 2022, he appeared in a video discussing the perks of having a protection dog.

Maddison, who lives with his girlfriend Kennedy Alexa and their son Leo, introduced their Cane Corso Mastiff named Denzel, emphasizing how the dog helps ensure the safety at home.

Fans shared their opinions on Maddison's dog in the comments, with some claiming that Romero could do Denzel's job.

Roy Allday: "He should've just hired Romero😂."

Football Confidential: "That dog hides when Maddison puts Romero on speakerphone😂."

Jedimynds: "Whatever it takes to protect your loved ones. Beautiful dog."

Simon Clare: "Come on madders no matter how well behaved I couldn’t trust it that close to my baby."

GavLeeWilkinson: "I don’t care how much that dog is trained, I would not let my 1 year old sit with him like that, absolutely not. Madders, please don’t do this, that dog could turn at any time, and it won’t end well."

anu mathimugan: "Contrary to popular belief dogs don't get aggressive for no reason, there is always a reason and always warning signs people ignore."

In the video Maddison said: "You can never be too careful to have that extra level of protection, and Denzel is brilliant"

"I've built up a relationship with Denzel over three years now. Throughout training we would have regular home visits to build up that relationship, and now he's part of the family. Denzel is brilliant with Leo, he realises that he's part of the family.
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