Getafe Players Salaries, Weekly Wages and Transfer 2023/2024

Getafe Players Salaries, Weekly Wages and Transfer 2023/2024

Getafe Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

If you've ever wondered about the financial dynamics behind the scenes of Getafe CF, particularly the salaries of its players for the 2023/24 season, you're in the right place. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of Getafe Players Salaries 2024, exploring the weekly wages of the football stars who grace the pitch for this Spanish football club.

Getafe CF Overview:
Getafe CF, a prominent football club in La Liga, calls the city of Getafe in the Madrid metropolitan area its home. Established in 1946 and refounded in 1983, the club boasts a rich history, having participated in the top tier of Spanish football for 12 years from 2004 to 2016.

Home Stadium:
The heart of Getafe's footballing spirit lies in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, the club's home stadium founded in 1998. With a seating capacity of 17,393, this iconic venue serves as the battleground where Getafe aims to triumph over its adversaries. Known by the monikers "Azulones" (The Deep Blues) and "El Geta," the club has etched its identity onto the vibrant footballing tapestry of Spain.

Football is not just about skill and strategy; it's also about rivalries that ignite the passion of fans. Getafe CF has developed intense rivalries with Leganés, Real Madrid, and Atlético Madrid. Geographical proximity fuels the fiery competition with Leganés, while clashes with football powerhouses like Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid add a thrilling dimension to the club's journey. Notably, Getafe shares a historic rivalry with Barcelona, highlighted by a memorable 4–0 victory during the 2006–07 Copa del Rey semi-final.

Transfers 2023/24:
As the football world witnesses the constant ebb and flow of player transfers, Getafe CF remains active in shaping its squad for success. In the 2023/24 season, the club experienced both arrivals and departures, creating a buzz among fans and pundits alike. 

Transfer: Arrivals
Moriba IlaixRB LeipzigLoan
Trilla GuillemGrama---
Santiago Yellu------

Transfer: Departure 
Suarez DamianBotafogo RJFree Agent
Rodriguez AlexSanluquenoFree Agent
Mitrovic StefanGentTransfer

Getafe Players Salaries

Player Name Age Weekly Wage Yearly Salary
Borja Mayoral 26 €92,115 €4,790,000
Mauro Arambarri 27 €48,462 €2,520,000
Djené 31 €42,308 €2,200,000
Jaime Mata 34 €41,154 €2,140,000
Portu 31 €40,577 €2,110,000
Nemanja Maksimovic 28 €40,000 €2,080,000
David Soria 30 €29,038 €1,510,000
Omar Alderete 26 €23,077 €1,200,000
Domingos Duarte 28 €20,769 €1,080,000
Enes Ünal 26 €16,538 €860,000
Luis Milla 28 €15,000 €780,000
Carles Aleñá 25 €12,115 €630,000
Juanmi Latasa 22 €11,923 €620,000
Damián Suárez 35 €11,923 €620,000
Daniel Fuzato 26 €11,538 €600,000
Fabrizio Angileri 29 €11,538 €600,000
Jaime Seoane 26 €10,385 €540,000
Erick Cabaco 28 €9,038 €470,000
Stefan Mitrovic 33 €4,808 €250,000
Jonathan Silva 29 €3,846 €200,000
Ángel Algobia 24 €3,462 €180,000
Juan Iglesias 25 €3,462 €180,000
Jack Harper 27 €0 €0
Choco Lozano 30 €0 €0
Total €503,076 €26,160,000

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