17 players, 4 surgeries and more: Barcelona's injury history this season

17 players, 4 surgeries and more: Barcelona's injury history this season

Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport, and this season, Barcelona has been hit particularly hard by the injury bug. With 24 total injuries and 17 players affected, the team has had to adapt and overcome numerous setbacks. This blog post will delve into the details of Barcelona's injury history this season, including the players who have undergone surgery, those currently sidelined, and the few who have managed to stay healthy.

The Impact of Injuries on Barcelona

This season, Barcelona has seen a significant portion of their squad affected by injuries. Even players known for their durability, such as Gavi and Ferran, have not been immune to the injury crisis. The team has had to rely on squad depth and adaptability to maintain their competitive edge in both La Liga and the Champions League.

Surgeries: A Major Setback

Four Barcelona players have had to undergo surgery this season, further complicating the team's ability to maintain a consistent lineup. Ter Stegen, Marcos Alonso, Alejandro Balde, and Gavi have all been sidelined due to their respective surgeries, leaving the team without key players at crucial points in the season.

Currently Injured Players: The Road to Recovery

As of now, four Barcelona players are still recovering from injuries: De Jong, Pedri, Balde, and Ferran Torres. These players are working hard to return to the pitch and contribute to the team's success. Their absence has undoubtedly affected Barcelona's performance, as they have had to rely on less experienced or less-preferred players to fill the gaps.

The Lucky Few: Injury-Free Players

While the majority of the Barcelona squad has been affected by injuries, three players have managed to stay healthy throughout the season. These players have been crucial in providing stability and consistency to the team, stepping up when their teammates have been sidelined.


Barcelona's injury history this season has been a significant challenge for the team. With 24 total injuries, 17 players affected, and four surgeries, the team has had to adapt and overcome numerous setbacks. While some players are still recovering from injuries, the team remains focused on their goals of retaining the La Liga title and progressing in the Champions League. As the season progresses, Barcelona will continue to rely on their squad depth and the resilience of their players to navigate the remaining challenges.
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