UEFA Euro 2024 Fixtures, Schedule, Results, Dates and Times.

UEFA Euro 2024 Fixtures, Schedule, Results, Dates and Times.

UEFA Euro 2024 schedule: Bracket, match dates, times, fixtures, results for European Championship in Germany

Get ready for a summer of football! UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off in Germany on June 14th. 24 European nations will battle it out for the title, including Italy (defending champions) and Germany (hosts). The tournament runs alongside Copa America 2024, offering a double dose of international football excitement.

Key Dates:

Group Stage: June 14th - June 26th, 2024
Round of 16: June 29th - July 2nd, 2024
Quarterfinals: July 5th-6th, 2024
Semifinals: July 9th-10th, 2024
Final: July 14th, 2024 (Berlin)

Tournament Format:

The competition follows a traditional format:
  • The group stage kicks off on June 14th, with teams divided into six groups.
  • The top two teams from each group, along with the four best third-placed teams, progress to the knockout stage.
  • The knockout stage begins with the Round of 16 on June 29th, culminating in the final match played in Berlin on July 14th.

What time do games start at Euro 2024?

Matches will kick off in one of three time slots (in local CET time): 3 p.m., 6 p.m., or 9 p.m.

Full List of Teams:

Twenty-four nations are competing at Euro 2024, including Germany (hosts) and winners from the qualification process. 

Having secured their place, the teams were all drawn into six groups for the initial phase of the finals.

The top two teams from each group, along with the four best third-placed teams, will qualify for the Round of 16.

TeamQualification method
BelgiumQualifying Group F — 1st place
FranceQualifying Group B — 1st place
PortugalQualifying Group J — 1st place
ScotlandQualifying Group A — 2nd place
SpainQualifying Group A — 1st place
TurkeyQualifying Group D – 1st place
AustriaQualifying Group F — 2nd place
EnglandQualifying Group C — 1st place
HungaryQualifying Group G — 1st place
SlovakiaQualifying Group J — 2nd place
AlbaniaQualifying Group E – 1st place
CzechiaQualifying Group E – 2nd place
DenmarkQualifying Group H — 1st place
NetherlandsQualifying Group B — 2nd place
RomaniaQualifying Group I – 1st place
SwitzerlandQualifying Group I – 2nd place
SloveniaQualifying Group J — 2nd place
SerbiaQualifying Group G — 2nd place
CroatiaQualifying Group D – 2nd place
ItalyQualifying Group C — 2nd place
PolandPlayoff final
GeorgiaPlayoff final
UkrainePlayoff final

Euro 2024 Group Stage:

The article includes a breakdown of each group (A-F) with their respective teams and a table to be filled in as the tournament progresses, showcasing standings, points, and goal difference.

Following each group breakdown, there's a detailed schedule outlining the date, time (CET), match details, and location for each game within that group.

Euro 2024 Group A standings & fixtures


Group A match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 149 p.m.Germany vs. ScotlandMunich (Allianz Arena)
June 153 p.m.Hungary vs. SwitzerlandCologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
June 196 p.m.Germany vs. HungaryStuttgart (MHPArena)
June 199 p.m.Scotland vs. SwitzerlandCologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
June 239 p.m.Switzerland vs. GermanyFrankfurt (Waldstadion)
June 239 p.m.Scotland vs. HungaryStuttgart (MHPArena)

Euro 2024 Group B standings & fixtures


Group B match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 156 p.m.Spain vs. CroatiaBerlin (Olympiastadion)
June 159 p.m.Italy vs. AlbaniaDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
June 193 p.m.Croatia vs. AlbaniaHamburg (Volksparkstadion)
June 209 p.m.Spain vs. ItalyGelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke)
June 249 p.m.Albania vs. SpainDusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
June 249 p.m.Croatia vs. ItalyLeipzig (Red Bull Arena)

Euro 2024 Group C standings & fixtures


Group C match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 166 p.m.Slovenia vs. DenmarkStuttgart (MHPArena)
June 169 p.m.Serbia vs. EnglandGelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke)
June 203 p.m.Slovenia vs. SerbiaMunich (Allianz Arena)
June 206 p.m.Denmark vs. EnglandFrankfurt (Waldstadion)
June 259 p.m.England vs. SloveniaCologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
June 259 p.m.Denmark vs. SerbiaMunich (Allianz Arena)

Euro 2024 Group D standings & fixtures


Group D match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 163 p.m.Poland vs. NetherlandsHamburg (Volksparkstadion)
June 179 p.m.Austria vs. FranceDusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
June 216 p.m.Poland vs. AustriaBerlin (Olympiastadion)
June 219 p.m.Netherlands vs. FranceLeipzig (Red Bull Arena)
June 256 p.m.France vs. PolandDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
June 256 p.m.Netherlands vs. AustriaBerlin (Olympiastadion)

Euro 2024 Group E standings & fixtures


Group E match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 173 p.m.Romania vs. UkraineMunich (Allianz Arena)
June 176 p.m.Belgium vs. SlovakiaFrankfurt (Waldstadion)
June 213 p.m.Slovakia vs. UkraineDusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
June 229 p.m.Belgium vs. RomaniaCologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
June 266 p.m.Ukraine vs. BelgiumStuttgart (MHPArena)
June 266 p.m.Slovakia vs. RomaniaFrankfurt (Waldstadion)

Euro 2024 Group F standings & fixtures


Group F match schedule

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 186 p.m.Turkey vs. GeorgiaDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
June 189 p.m.Portugal vs. CzechiaLeipzig (Red Bull Arena)
June 223 p.m.Georgia vs. CzechiaHamburg (Volksparkstadion)
June 226 p.m.Turkey vs. PortugalDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
June 269 p.m.Czechia vs. TurkeyHamburg (Volksparkstadion)
June 269 p.m.Georgia vs. PortugalGelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke)

Knockout Stage: Euro 2024 Round of 16

The knockout stage section includes breakdowns for the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final. Similar to the group stage, there are tables to be filled and schedules outlining the dates, times (CET), matches, and locations.

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
June 296 p.m.M1: 2nd, Group A vs. 2nd, Group BBerlin (Olimpiastadion)
June 299 p.m.M2: 1st, Group A vs. 2nd, Group CDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
June 306 p.m.M3: 1st, Group C vs. 3rd place D/E/FGelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke)
June 309 p.m.M4: 1st, Group B vs. 3rd place A/D/E/F Cologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
July 16 p.m.M5: 2nd, Group D vs. 2nd, Group EDusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
July 19 p.m.M6: 1st, Group F vs. 3rd place A/B/C Frankfurt (Waldstadion)
July 26 p.m.M7: 1st, Group E vs. 3rd place A/B/C/D Munich (Allianz Arena)
July 29 p.m.M8: 1st, Group D vs. 2nd, Group FLeipzig (Red Bull Arena)

Euro 2024 Quarterfinals

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
July 56 p.m.QF1: Winner, M4 vs. Winner, M2Stuttgart (MHPArena)
July 59 p.m.QF2: Winner, M6 vs. Winner, M5Hamburg (Volksparkstadion)
July 66 p.m.QF3: Winner, M3 vs. Winner, M1Dusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
July 69 p.m.QF4: Winner, M7 vs. Winner, M8Berlin (Olimpiastadion)

Euro 2024 Semifinals

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
July 99 p.m.Winner, QF1 vs. Winner, QF2Munich (Allianz Arena)
July 109 p.m.Winner, QF3 vs. Winner, QF4Dortmund (Westfalenstadion)

Euro 2024 Final

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
July 149 p.m.SF winner vs. SF winnerBerlin (Olimpiastadion)


This comprehensive article provides all the essential information you need to follow Euro 2024. With the schedule, team details, and explanations of the tournament format, you're all set to enjoy the beautiful game this summer!
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