why do footballers talk with their hands over their mouth.

why do footballers talk with their hands over their mouth.

Kyle Walker finally reveals the real reason why footballers speak behind their hands on the pitch

Manchester City's skipper Kyle Walker has finally shed light on the age-old mystery – why do footballers talk with their hands cupped around their mouths on the pitch? We've all seen it during televised matches, those muffled conversations that leave fans wondering what juicy secrets are being exchanged.

Walker, in his brand new podcast "You'll Never Beat Kyle Walker" (co-hosted by none other than Love Island alum Chris Hughes!), tackled this burning question head-on. Turns out, there's a perfectly logical explanation (and a dash of frustration with modern tech).

"It's all about keeping the cameras out," Walker revealed. "Maybe you're letting off some steam, or just having a laugh with the other guy. Maybe you even saw them at the club last weekend – a bit of friendly banter, you know? But the world's gone crazy these days, with lip-readers and all!"

Walker has personal experience with the perils of lip-reading. Earlier this year, experts deciphered a heated exchange between him and Brentford's Neal Maupay. Apparently, things got a little spicy, with Walker allegedly threatening Maupay after some comments about his kids.

But hold on, there might be more to the hand-covering story. Phil Hall, a PR guru who's worked with Premier League teams, offered another perspective in 2023. "Sometimes, it's just about being heard," he explained. "Stadiums get loud, so cupping your hand acts like a mini-megaphone for your teammate."

So, the next time you see footballers whispering behind their hands, it could be a tactical whisper-down-the-lane, a playful jab, or just a desperate attempt to be heard over the roar of the crowd. The beautiful game, with its hidden secrets, just got a little more interesting!
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