Euro 2024: Austria vs Turkey Head To Head Record, Stats & Results (H2H stats)

Euro 2024: Austria vs Turkey Head To Head Record, Stats & Results (H2H stats)

Austria vs Turkey Head To Head record and results? The last clash between Austria and Turkey ended in a draw. Now Austria will be taking on Turkey other on for Tuesday’s UEFA Euro 2024 match at Red Bull Arena Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany.

Austria vs Turkey Head-to-Head Record

Austria holds a slight edge over Turkey in their overall meetings. Out of 17 encounters, Austria has won 9 matches, Turkey has won 7, and there has been 1 draw.

Games won by Austria: 9
Games drawn: 1
Games won by Turkey: 7

Recent Form

Based on UEFA Euro 2024 betting odds and recent results, Austria appears to be the favorite going into the match. Their most recent encounter, an International Friendly in March 2024, resulted in a convincing 6-1 victory for Austria.

Full Head-to-Head Results

The table below shows the full history of matches between Austria and Turkey, including the date, competition, result, score, and winner.

Date Match Result Score Competition
02 Jul 2024 Austria v Turkey X-X UEFA European Championship
26 Mar 2024 Austria v Turkey W 6-1 International Friendly
29 Mar 2016 Austria v Turkey L 1-2 International Friendly
15 Aug 2012 Austria v Turkey W 2-0 International Friendly
06 Sep 2011 Austria v Turkey D 0-0 UEFA European Championship
29 Mar 2011 Turkey v Austria L 2-0 UEFA European Championship
19 Nov 2008 Austria v Turkey L 2-4 International Friendly
14 Nov 2001 Turkey v Austria L 5-0 FIFA World Cup
10 Nov 2001 Austria v Turkey L 0-1 FIFA World Cup
25 Oct 1989 Turkey v Austria L 3-0 FIFA World Cup
02 Nov 1988 Austria v Turkey W 3-2 FIFA World Cup
16 Nov 1983 Turkey v Austria L 3-1 UEFA European Championship
17 Nov 1982 Austria v Turkey W 4-0 UEFA European Championship
30 Oct 1977 Turkey v Austria W 0-1 FIFA World Cup
17 Apr 1977 Austria v Turkey W 1-0 FIFA World Cup
13 Nov 1974 Turkey v Austria W 0-1 International Friendly
20 Mar 1949 Austria v Turkey W 1-0 International Friendly
30 May 1948 Turkey v Austria W 0-1 International Friendly

Austria vs Turkey: Last Five Matches

Looking closer at the last five matches between these two nations, Austria has won 1 match, drawn 1 match, and lost 3 matches. Turkey has won 2 matches and drawn 1 match in their last five encounters.

Austria vs Turkey: Conclusion

The upcoming match between Austria and Turkey promises to be an exciting encounter. While Austria holds the historical advantage and momentum from their recent win, Turkey should not be underestimated.

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