- First Half Over/Under Goals Soccer Predictions - First-half goals football/soccer prediction today,  the number of goals both teams in a particular game will score and here is where e360hubs come in to give you a well analyse outcome in first-half goal football prediction. 

We make use of statistics from,,,, and and so many other sites to give you the best of prediction. that why we are rank number one in football analysis not computer base.

Example of first-half goals prediction over 0.5 HT, over 1.5 HT and under 0.5 HT under 1.5 HT. Our analysis is 90 to 95% accurate and has been making a lot of money for users across the world. 

---> First Half  Over /Under Goals Soccer Predictions on this page

Below is the list of games to play over 0.5 goals HT:-

1st half - Under/Over 1.5 goals
Under 1.5 goals @...

Previous records


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