'I take the blame for it - Van Dijk on Arsenal defeat

'I take the blame for it - Van Dijk on Arsenal defeat

Liverpool full back Van Dijk takes full responsibility for Liverpool's loss against the Gunners - for his mistake in particular.

It was clearly a lapse in concentration and the goals Arsenal scored were basically presents from the Reds.

The team will try to win the two remaining games - but it seems their thoughts are already on the trophy lift at Anfield.

"The goals we gave them were presents," the Dutchman said after the 2-1 defeat against Arsenal.

"Sometimes in football you are the hero, sometimes you are the villain.

"I made a mistake and I take full responsibility for that.

"A lapse in concentration, sometimes in football that happens. I take the blame for it. I take it as a man.

"Obviously if you give the goals away like this, like we did today, including myself, then you get what you deserve.

"We will try to win the last two games and have a well deserved break. Being Champions of the Premier League is a dream come true. Picking up that medal next week will be a dream come true.”

Liverpool basically lost to themselves against Arsenal giving away two silly goals in the first half.

 The Reds' 19 attempts vs the Gunners' 2 shots, 67 per cent possession vs 33 per cent and so on says it all about how the game might have unfolded if not for Virg's and Alisson's mistakes.

Still, it's great that all this happened after the championship was secured. After all, it was Virgil's only second mistake leading to goal this season - and none of them was decisive in the grand scheme of things. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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