Barcelona without Messi is worse than barbecue without salt

Barcelona without Messi is worse than barbecue without salt

Joan Gaspart believes Messi should retire at Camp Nou.

He's godlike at Barcelona, the former president explains.

"Barca without Messi would be worse than a barbecue without salt and in Catalonia, it would be like taking the garlic out of aioli.

Messi has been and continues to be like God for us, and may God forgive me, because I am very Catholic," former Barca president Joan Gaspart has told Radio Villa Trinidad.

"Messi is the patrimony of Barcelona, ​​that he is loved very much and that he should not continue for a year, he must continue until he retires or retire. Messi makes himself loved a lot and is an endearing person," he added.

Messi's rumoured exit is becoming a true saga now. It all started with the reports about Leo being targeted by Inter Milan and the new plot twist appeared after Barca were crushed by Bayern Munich 8-2.

Some outlets, however, claim that there's the issue between Messi and the board but it has nothing to do with the Argentine's desire to leave.
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