Arsenal striker Aubameyang reveals how Arteta persuaded him to stay

Arsenal striker Aubameyang reveals how Arteta persuaded him to stay

Aubameyang says that Mikel Arteta understood the crossroads he was at before putting pen-to-paper.

The Spaniard called our striker during lockdown and convinced Auba he has a big future at the club.

"I had a chat with Mikel, that I think he gave me something very clear about the idea of the future of the club and about me," Auba told Ian Wright upon signing new deal with Arsenal. 

"He was straight and honest, and that’s what I like because we are always honest. He said, ‘Okay, you can maybe leave.

 I don’t know what your mind is [thinking] right now, but you can leave and go for trophies at other clubs or you can stay here and have a legacy. This, for me, was the key word.

"We had a chat when we were in lockdown," Auba went on. “He called me. Normally we have to speak about a game. He called me and said, 'Forget about it.' I had prepared maybe two pages and he said, 'Yeah, forget about it. Let's talk about real things.'

"He said, 'I want to be honest with you, how do you feel?' And I was like, 'I have to say the truth, I feel very good.' It was maybe two months, or three months that he was here and the training, you can feel the passion. You can feel everything from this guy. He is so good, he's the kind of guy who you can trust in him."

What a man, Mikel. Already putting our bottoms out of fire and he's been here for less than 9 months. Persuading Auba to stay at Arsenal is just the latest in the line of his good deeds at the Emirates.

In all honesty though, the proposition of a legacy sounded appealing to Auba because we highly doubt he'd be remembered as making an impact at one club, had he left this summer.

We'll see where we are with Auba in 3 years of course, but 5,5 seasons at one club - if he keeps up his goalscoring rate - just might be enough to put him on a pedestal with other Arsenal greats, something he craves himself. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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