Arteta wants Arsenal to play entertainment football: 'It's the DNA of this football club'

Arteta wants Arsenal to play entertainment football: 'It's the DNA of this football club'

Arteta believes his side has to be adaptable to be able to beat any opponent in the league.

However, Arteta also reiterates that Arsenal have an obligation before fans to entertain.

He reveals that the players are ready for bigger things than just a cup win, so he expects the team to kick on.

Mikel Arteta was quick to stress the importance of being flexible in order to get results when approaching different opponents - but the Spaniard also understands Arsenal have a duty to entertain.

"It’s the DNA of this football club and how I was raised as a football player so I don’t see it any other way," he told Goal. "But as well we have to be efficient and we need to adapt.

"Sometimes we can do certain things against certain opponents and another match we have to do something different because the thing that I like most is winning."

The gaffer also sounded pleased with his players' attitude after they returned from holidays.

"What I see is they are not happy with the last two trophies, they want more and they want to speed up this process and hopefully they are enjoying it as well. Time will tell where we are at the end of the season, my only aim is to get things right for the next weekend and keep going."

The Gunners certainly had a retro feeling about them when they dispatched Fulham at the weekend. Some intricate passages of play were mixed up with hunger and efficiency, meaning the result was a foregone conclusion long before the whistle.

West Ham at the Emirates are up next and David Moyes' side were hardly impressive in their opening match, going 0-2 down to Newcastle, who recorded their first win in 8 years on the opening day.

Fingers crossed the Gunners pick up where they left off because the fixture list gets decidedly trickier after that: away trips to Man City, Liverpool and Man United are interjected with home matches vs Sheffield and Leicester. Premier League not doing us any favours with such a schedule. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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