Fernando Torres revealed it was his fault that he flopped at Chelsea

Fernando Torres revealed it was his fault that he flopped at Chelsea

The striker says that he did not adapt to his new team quickly and was never really the best version of himself at Chelsea.

He added that he joined the Blues because he thought they had a better chance of winning trophies every season.

Although Torres feels bad about his lack of consistency, he remembers the Champions League victory as something special.

“I needed to find my own way and that was going to Chelsea. I thought that was the club to offer me more chance of winning trophies,” Fernando Torres told talkSPORT as he discussed his time in west London.

“It was maybe my fault for not being able to adapt quicker,” he continued. “I had good moments but I wasn’t consistent. If you are not performing every week then someone will come in.

“I always said it was my fault. I was old enough to find solutions but I didn’t do it. I won the trophies but I didn’t do it every week.

“[Carlo] Ancelotti was the manager when I signed. I spoke with him before I signed, but that was not the reason I signed. Every year they change the manager and it’s always a big manager.

“I knew the difficulties of going to Chelsea, but I thought it was the team to offer the chances of winning more trophies. They hadn’t won the Champions League and a generation like that needed to win the Champions League. Finally we did it.”

The striker was a shadow of his Liverpool self at Stamford Bridge as he netted just 45 goals in 172 games. However, we will never forget that goal at the Camp Nou which secured us a spot in the 2012 Champions League final, which remains the greatest night in the club's history.

It's mature of Torres to take the blame and we hold no ill-will towards the striker - things just don't work out sometimes, but at least there's some silverware to show for his time in Chelsea! Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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