Frank Lampard reveals how Chelsea managed to convince Timo Werner to join them

Frank Lampard reveals how Chelsea managed to convince Timo Werner to join them

The striker was coveted by many teams, including Liverpool and Man City.

It helps Lampard and Petr Cech that they know what a player wants from a move to a big club.

The boss believes the conversation with Werner played a significant role in the result.

"You understand when it is the competition with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City that you need to state your best case to the player," Frank Lampard said as quoted by Sky Sports.

"I think having been that player at one point, the idea as a manager is to try and sell the club and how I want to move forward.

Petr [Cech] in his role does the same and I do that to the best of my ability when I speak to players.

"With a player like Timo [Werner], we were very, very keen to bring him in. He needs to feel that from us, I loved everything he said to me in those kinds of conversations. And the same with all those kinds of players that I have spoken to.

"I think that the manager-player conversation is really important because our relationship needs to be good and positive going forward.

"All you can do is do your best as a club because you know the competition is doing their best, so I think we can be happy that we have brought in players of their level. That is just how we tried to work."

Frank Lampard's pull power is something that has become quite evident in this transfer campaign: almost each of the Blues' new arrivals has pointed out the manager's huge role in convincing them to join Chelsea.

With Petr Cech being heavily involved in conversations with potential targets as well, it increasingly looks like a structure put in place that unites both the club hierarchy and the coaching staff - something we did not see with Antonio Conte or Maurizio Sarri. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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