WWE star Triple H urges Declan Rice to snub Chelsea move

WWE star Triple H urges Declan Rice to snub Chelsea move

Declan, 21-year-old has been reported to be one of Chelsea's main long-term targets but Triple H encourages Rice to stay at West Ham.

There, he points out, the player has a chance to build a legacy and become a club legend.

"Declan, you've got big decisions ahead of you and I understand that," legendary wrestler Triple H told BT Sport addressing Declan Rice. "Far be it for me to tell you what to do but I'd like to give you a point of view that sometimes in life there are more important things.

"There's an opportunity to be something more. To be a hero, to be a hero to fans who supported you. To be a hero to people who have watched you come up through a system and be successful in that system.

"To be a hero and build something on your own. To not just succeed but to succeed on your terms. Build your franchise, build your legacy, to become something more.

"To become the one and only, to become the first. Declan Rice, build your legacy, build your franchise. Stay with the people that brought you to the dance. Stay with West Ham and become the hero, become the champion, become everything that they all know that Declan Rice can be."

We can't know now how Declan Rice will react to Triple H's advice but as he follows the legendary wrestler on social media, he has without a doubt got the message.

The West Ham midfielder is known to be in Chelsea's wishlist and, according to previous reports, they might be willing to push for his signing even if that means a total outlay of above £250m as a result.

However, the Blues do need West Ham to lower their demand and so far, it has not happened as the Hammers want at least £80m for their marquee player. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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