Juan Mata reveals driving force behind "Common Goal project" at Chelsea after 2012 Champions League win

Mata started Common Goal after winning the trophy with the Blues. The charity members pledge 1% of their earnings to various good causes.

Speaking about the origins of his Common Goal project, Juan Mata told the Guardian a while back: "As were celebrating winning the Champions League, I looked around at my team-mates and saw the beauty of football.

"A keeper from the Czech Republic. A defender from Serbia and another from Brazil. Midfielders from Ghana, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain and England. And, of course, one incredible striker from Cote d'Ivoire.

"We came from all over the world, from different circumstances and spoke many different languages. Some had grown up during wartime. Some had grown up in poverty. But there we were, all standing together as champions of Europe.

"The way we at Chelsea had come together from all around the world to work for a common goal was more meaningful to me than the trophy. To me, that is something that can change the world for the better."

As of October 2020, Common Goal has about 150 members with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp becoming the latest high-profile football personality to join the organisation.

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