Jamie Carragher reveal reason behind Frank Lampard's struggles at chelsea this season

Jamie Carragher reveal reason behind Frank Lampard's struggles at chelsea this season

The ex-Liverpool defender 'admires' Lampard for the job he did last season. His problem, however, is that he effectively had to learn on the job due to his lack of experience.

And it's not Frank's fault - there's no way he would've refused this chance to take over at Chelsea, Carragher argues.

"What I’d say about players in my generation is, and it’s why I do this job and didn’t go into management, I want to be Klopp managing Liverpool, but I don’t wanna go to Mainz for seven years and work my way up," Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports.

"That’s what I’m talking about with Frank, I actually admire him for the job he did last year and what’s happening now - I loved his interview after the game.

"When I look at a lot of managers now; Frank being one, going into a top job after his time at Derby, the experience isn’t there. He hasn’t got the job on the fact of being a great manager, he’s got the job on the fact of Chelsea and Frank Lampard.

"Gary [Neville] went to Valencia, big job - how can you say no? How can Frank say no? But they don’t have that experience to fall back on. [Thierry] Henry goes to Monaco, the same. They’re the ups and downs of coaching. Steven Gerrard’s gone to Rangers and is doing really well, but would I want Gerrard to be the Liverpool manager without more experience? Possibly not.

"I just think when you get those really big jobs without the experience, you’ve got nothing to fall back on when times are tough, as they will be for Frank right now. People’s ideas going into coaching or managing in terms of how they want their teams to play, but you don’t know until you’ve done it and you’ve got confidence that it works.

"That’s why I won’t go to town right now on Mikel Arteta or Frank Lampard. It’s not that they don’t know football, it’s just that they don’t have the experience to fall back on."

Frank Lampard's work at Chelsea has been scrutinised in the wake of the 3-1 defeat to Man City, the Blues' fourth loss in the last six games.

The latest reports are claiming that the club hierarchy have started exploring alternative options but they won't hit the panic button just yet. By the looks of it, the next games could be crucial for Lampard's future.

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