Key Barcelona Meeting Helped Settle Three Big Issues At The Club

Key Barcelona Meeting Helped Settle Three Big Issues At The Club

The candidates for the presidency of Barça have met with the head of the management company, Carles Tusquets, this Friday night at the Camp Nou offices and have closed three main points: the date of the elections, how they will be able to vote and the refusal to sign Eric Garcia in winter.

1- March 7 is the date on which work will be done from now on to elect the new president. After the Generalitat did not allow exceptions for Barça members to leave the municipal confinement on January 24th.

Although the 28th February was also considered, it was considered more prudent to wait until the 7th March, especially because the forecasts of the Generalitat indicate that by that date the peak of the pandemic will have been left behind and the sanitary conditions will be much better.

2-Here will be a postal vote. The Generalitat has given Carles Tusquets its word that it will change the legislation so that there can be a postal vote.

The manager considers that before March 7th there will be time for the new law to be published and for members to be able to send their vote by ordinary mail without any problems. In this way, travel will be avoided and the process will be safer from a health point of view.

Winter Market

3- ‘No’ to Eric Garcia. The candidates have decided not to face the transfer that would mean the signing of Eric Garcia in a very delicate moment for the club’s coffers.

The new sports directors will decide, although he is a footballer who is of great interest to everyone with the letter of freedom in June.

His salary has also been taken into account, in addition to the transfer, so as not to face the transfer of the Manchester City central.

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