Dembele speak on how he has improved since joining Barca

Dembele speak on how he has improved since joining Barca

Dembele thanks the physios and fitness coaches for helping him improve physically and says he also improved tactically, and now understands the game better.

He likes to sprint forward by himself but the coaches are telling him to wait for his teammates.

"I was very fragile physically when I got to the club. When I was at Borussia Dortmund and Rennes, I was fragile. At Barcelona, I have evolved a lot thanks to the physios and fitness coaches. Everything has changed, even the way I prepare myself for games," Ousmane Dembele has told Barcelona's official media, as quoted by Diario Sport.

The 23-year-old also discussed how he's improved in terms of tactics.

"Above all my positioning changed, [I learned] when to attack, when to calm the play down, when to pass. I like to dribble and go forward by myself. They tell me to relax, wait for team-mates and not try to dribble past three or four players."

Dembele joined Barcelona from Dortmund back in 2017. He's recently made his 100th appearance for the Catalans. Ousmane has so far recorded 25 goals and 20 assists for Blaugrana.

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