Gary Neville: Manchester City remind me of Floyd Mayweather after 18th straight win

Gary Neville: Manchester City remind me of Floyd Mayweather after 18th straight win

Gary Neville likened the methodical way Manchester City disposed of Arsenal to boxer Floyd Mayweather as they made it 18 straight wins.

Raheem Sterling's early goal won the game for City at the Emirates, their 13th consecutive Premier League victory, meaning they remain 10 points clear of second-placed Manchester United.

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, Neville said the win reminded him of a Floyd Mayweather fight, taking an early lead and holding onto it by suffocating the opponent in a methodical way.

Neville also believes that City's previous problems - being caught in possession with too many players upfield - are now less prevalent."If you think back over the years, we know Pep's teams are built on possession, but when he has been most successful, he has had great defensive records.

"I thought Man City's weakness last year was that when they kept the ball high up the pitch - which they've always done with Pep Guardiola - the problem is they were allowing teams to cut back through them too easily. But they are sustaining attacks again.

"I used the word suffocation because the two full-backs press in, Joao Cancelo comes inside, Oleksandr Zinckenko comes inside, Fernandinho is there, and they've got that block of five players, two at the back, three in front. So when any team wins it back, they've got nothing to go back through.

"They're so aggressive, so connected, compact on the ball and out of possession. It's brilliant to watch. It's methodical.

"It almost became too easy for Manchester City at Arsenal. I used the Floyd Mayweather expression, because it was like City had won the first three rounds, got in front, and then just jabbed for the next nine rounds.

"To be able to do that is special. I remember when we played games away in the Premier League, in many games that we won 1-0, it was always an onslaught in the last 10 minutes. But Pep Guardiola's side win games without that onslaught. It's really special, and the bravery in that defence is fantastic."

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