Pictures: Liverpool players 'hate their new £50m training ground because it's too windy'

Pictures: Liverpool players 'hate their new £50m training ground because it's too windy'

Just four months after moving base, Liverpool's first-team squad are reportedly unhappy with their new £50m training ground at Kirkby because it's too windy - and would prefer to return to their old site at Melwood!

In November, the first-team relocated to the new complex across the city at Kirkby, fitted with three full-size pitches, two gyms, a sports hall, a swimming pool and even beach volleyball courts.

But according to The Sun, the players hate the state-of-the-art base due to the area, known as 'Windy Harbour', making for treacherous conditions to train in over the winter months due to the gale force winds.

The report details that Jurgen Klopp's players miss their old stomping ground at Melwood, which hosted the first-team all the way back in the days of Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley.

The switch saw Liverpool depart their historic Melwood base, where the first-team had been based for 70 years, and move in where the current academy train.

As revealed by Sportsmail in November, the 9,200sqm AXA Training Centre boasts an array of stunning additions, including a Hydroworx pool, an altitude training chamber and a fully stocked gym which is three times bigger than the previous one at Melwood.

Inside the building, Liverpool have built a huge changing room where the players can unwind, placing a large sofa in the middle so they can lounge about before and after training.

With the altitude chamber, players can train in 40 degree heat, 90% humidity and low oxygen levels.

Klopp's office, meanwhile, has a balcony that overlooks the training pitches allowing the German to keep a constant eye on the action whenever he wants, across all age groups.

Yet despite the exquisite facilities, the move has also coincided with a drop in the Reds' form in comparison to the rest of 2020, when they were stationed at Melwood.

That being said, the Reds got back to winning ways in the Premier League with a crucial victory at Wolves on Monday night, courtesy of Diogo Jota's first-half strike.

Klopp's side are now five points off fourth-placed Chelsea with nine matches to go - they are also in Friday's draw for the Champions League quarter-finals.

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