'The most important thing for them is money': Koeman support Guardiola's rant on UEFA and FIFA 'killing' players

"I agree with what Pep said about the number of games,” Ronald Koeman has told the pre-Getafe press conference.

"Everyone talks about the Super League, the Champions League, but UEFA ignores it.

"You have to listen to the players and coaches. The most important thing for them is the money, and I think it's the players.”

Earlier this month, Pep Guardiola slammed UEFA and FIFA for 'killing' players with their scheduling decisions in a passionate post-match rant.

"They are human beings, they are not machines," the Manchester City manager said back then. "I know the players, some of them are upset all the time because they want to play every day but this is not possible.

"To compete in all competitions in this year without spectators, in the shortest competition ever, (if) you don't rotate you don't compete in all competitions and you will not be in the position we are in now.

"Of course they could play, they have an incredible mentality but they need rest. UEFA and FIFA killed the players because it's too much. We haven't had one midweek off since we started, not even one.

"There is no player who can sustain (this), not just physically but mentally to be ready every day to compete against opponents to win the game. It's impossible.

"I rotate I'm a genius, 'well done Pep' but when we lose and I rotate people say 'why rotate? You have to play the players like normal'. But it's unsustainable."

Barca will take one Getafe at Camp Nou on Thursday, just three days before an away clash with Villarreal.

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