'He's killing us': Chelsea fans turn on Mendy after Real Madrid defeat

'He's killing us': Chelsea fans turn on Mendy after Real Madrid defeat

Some Chelsea fans are still hurting from the defeat to Real Madrid on Tuesday.

It's led to the blame game being played to the fullest on social media, starting with fans blaming Kante, claiming he's on a decline.

Some others have blamed Tuchel, and now Edouard Mendy's up for criticism, with Blues on Twitter agreeing he cost us the Madrid game:

đź’­Chelseababe: "I’m no longer confident in Mendy anymore!!! Kepa should leave the club and we get someone to challenge Mendy for the number 1 spot!"

đź’­Lakshmi Naarayanan: "Another Mendy disaster class went under the radar yesterday. He has to step up or Kepa should take his place."

đź’­Vintage_Cfc: "Not blaming him or anything, but Mendy has been poor in both matches against Real Madrid. Most of the goals we conceded weren’t that difficult to save, and the Mendy of last season would’ve stopped at least one of them."

On Tribuna.com one Chelsea fan heaped blame on Mendy:

"lf you all well observe, you will notice that Edouard Mendy is killing us. He's not the goalkeeper he used to be. If you notice, you will understand this," Ernest Ekpo commented.

Olawale Wilder replied with: "Mendy is now a big flop."

Source: Twitter | Tribuna.com
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