All time Premier League past winners list: Last Top 5

Premier League Last 5 winners list by year, All time past winners

Premier League last 5 Winners list by year – All-time past winners, Most Premier League wins manager, Most Premier League wins in a row.

Premier League Winners list by year – All Time Past Winners? Who are the past winners of the Premier League? Have you ever wondered which teams have won the Premier League before? well if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Premier League Winners – All Time Past Winners.

Past Premier League Winners List
The Premier League is undoubtedly the most-watched league in the world and definitely the toughest league in the world and as far as we remember the first season (1992-1993) the Premier League was contested by 22 teams who played a total of 42 matches a season.

The league is now contested by 20 teams after it was reduced at the end of the 1994-1995 season and let us now check the list of the past winners of the Premier League? Here is the list of English Premier League winners since 1992 and Barclays Premier League winners since 2000:

2022-23 Man City Arsenal
2021-22 Man City Liverpool
2020-21 Man City Man Utd
2019-20 Liverpool Man City
2018-19 Man City
2017-18Man City Man Utd
2016-17 Chelsea  Tottenham
2015-16 Leicester City Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea Man City
2013-14   Manchester City Liverpool
2012-13    Manchester United Man City
2011-12   Manchester City Man United
2010-11   Manchester United Chelsea
2009-10   Chelsea Man United
2008-09 Manchester United Liverpool
2007-08   Manchester United  Chelsea
2006-07   Manchester United  Chelsea
2005-06   Chelsea Man United
2004-05   Chelsea Arsenal
2003-04   Arsenal Chelsea
2002-03 Manchester United Arsenal
2001-02   Arsenal Liverpool
2000-01   Manchester United Arsenal
1999-00 Manchester United   Arsenal
1998-99 Manchester United Arsenal
1997-98 Arsenal  Man United
1996-97   Manchester United Newcastle Utd
1995-96 Manchester United Newcastle Utd
1994-95   Blackburn Rovers Man United
1993-94   Manchester United Blackburn
1992-93   Manchester United Aston Villa
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Most Premier League wins all time
Manchester United’s dominance in the Premier League has contributed to most Premier League wins of all time and since it’s inception in 1992 the Premier League has been won by six different teams with Manchester United leading with the most Premier League titles since it was formed in 1992.

Total titles won
Manchester United has dominated the Premier League since it’s inception in 1992 winning the title 13 times in 24 seasons winning more than half with the other four teams sharing the 10 remainings while teams in bold compete in the Premier League as of the 2020-21 season.

Club Winners Runners-up
Manchester United   20 17
Liverpool  19  14
Arsenal 13  9
Everton   9 7
Aston Villa  10
Sunderland  5
Chelsea 6  4
Manchester City   8 6
Newcastle United   4 2
Sheffield Wednesday   4 1
Leeds United   3 5
Wolverhampton Wanderers   3 5
Huddersfield Town   3  3
Blackburn Rovers   3 1
Preston North End 6
Tottenham Hotspur    2 5
Derby County 2 3
Burnley 2 2
Portsmouth   2 0
Ipswich Town  2
Nottingham Forest  2
Sheffield United   1 2
West Bromwich Albion 1 2
Leicester City 1
Bristol City  0 1
Oldham Athletic 0 1
Cardiff City   0 1
Charlton Athletic  0 1
Blackpool   0 1
Queen’s Park Rangers   0 1
Watford 0 1
Southampton   0 1

Most Premier League wins manager
Manchester United has won 13 Premier League titles under the management of Scottish manager Sir Alex Ferguson whereas no other manager has won that many titles and will probably never do it either.

Sir Alex Ferguson played a huge part in this Manchester United dominance period as he managed all the 13 seasons in which Manchester United have won the Premier League title.

Sir Alex and the Premier League
His dominance in the Premier League made him quote this after he was asked what his greatest challenge was ”My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch. And you can print that”.

Since the retiring of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 Manchester United have never won the Premier League.

Most Premier League wins in a row

Manchester United has most Premier League wins in a row. Man Utd has won tree times in row on two occasions during the seasons 1992-1995 and 1998-2001.

Chelsea has won the Premier League twice in a row on only one occasion during 2014-2016. No other team has ever won more then one time in row.

The most consecutive Premier League wins goes to Man United and we will probably never see a team win more than once in a row.

Most Points Accumulated in A Season
Who has accumulated the most points in a season? The record number of points accumulated by a team was Chelsea with 95 points during the 2004-2005 season. And the lowest points accumulated is by Derby County who were relegated with 11 points.

However, that has completely changed in the last two seasons. Once Pep got a hold of the league, he won 100 points in the 2017-18 season, setting a new record.
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