French Ligue 1 All Time Past Golden Boot Winners

French Ligue 1 All Time Past Golden Boot Winners

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Ligue 1 All Time Past Golden Boot Winners

French Ligue 1 Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

The following is the list of French Ligue 1 top scorers by season, from the inception of the French First Division in 1932 until the present day. Josip Skoblar holds the record for most goals in a single season at 44. 

Carlos Bianchi, Delio Onnis and Jean-Pierre Papin share the record for most awards won, with five wins each. 

The latest top scorer of Ligue 1 is Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain, who scored 28 goals in the 2021–22 season

Here are the Ligue 1 past Golden Boot winners

SeasonTop scorerTeamGoals
2021/2022 Kylian MbappéParis Saint-Germain28
2020/2021 Kylian MbappéParis Saint-Germain27
2019/2020 Kylian MbappéParis Saint-Germain18
2018/2019 Kylian MbappéParis Saint-Germain33
2017/2018 Edinson CavaniParis Saint-Germain28
2016/2017 Edinson CavaniParis Saint-Germain35
2015/2016Zlatan Ibrahimović Paris Saint-Germain 38
2014/2015Alexandre LacazetteOlympique Lyon27
2013/2014Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint-Germain26
2012/2013Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint-Germain30
2011/2012 Olivier GiroudMontpellier HSC21
2011/2012NenêParis Saint-Germain21
2010/2011 Moussa SowLille OSC22
2009/2010Mamadou NiangOlympique Marseille 18
2008/2009 André-Pierre GignacToulouse FC24
2007/2008Karim BenzemaOlympique Lyon20
2006/2007 PauletaParis Saint-Germain15
2005/2006 PauletaParis Saint-Germain21
2004/2005Alexander FreiStade Rennes20
2003/2004 Djibril CisséAJ Auxerre26
2002/2003 Shabani NondaAS Monaco26
2001/2002 Djibril CisséAJ Auxerre22
2001/2002PauletaGirondins Bordeaux22
2000/2001AndersonOlympique Lyon22
1999/2000AndersonOlympique Lyon23
1998/1999 Sylvain WiltordGirondins Bordeaux22
1997/1998Stéphane Guivarc’hAJ Auxerre21
1996/1997 Stéphane Guivarc’hStade Rennes22
1995/1996AndersonAS Monaco21
1994/1995Patrice LokoFC Nantes22
1993/1994Youri DjorkaeffAS Monaco20
1993/1994      Roger BoliRC Lens20
1993/1994 Nicolas OuédecFC Nantes20
1992/1993 Alen BoksicOlympique Marseille22
1991/1992Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique Marseille 27
1990/1991Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique Marseille23
1989/1990Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique Marseille30
1988/1989Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique Marseille22
1987/1988Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique Marseille19
1986/1987Bernard ZenierFC Metz18
1985/1986Jules BocandeFC Metz23
1984/1985Vahid HalilhodzicFC Nantes27
1983/1984     Patrice GarandeAJ Auxerre21
1983/1984Dennis OnnisSporting Toulon Var21
1982/1983 Vahid HalilhodzicFC Nantes27
1981/1982Delio OnnisTours FC29
1980/1981Delio OnnisTours FC24
1979/1980 Erwin KosteddeStade Laval21
1978/1979Carlos BianchiParis Saint-Germain27
1977/1978Carlos BianchiParis Saint-Germain 37
1976/1977Carlos BianchiStade Reims28
1975/1976 Carlos BianchiStade Reims34
1974/1975 Delio OnnisAS Monaco30
1973/1974 Carlos BianchiStade Reims30
1972/1973 Josip SkoblarOlympique Marseille26
1971/1972 Josip SkoblarOlympique Marseille30
1970/1971Josip SkoblarOlympique Marseille44
1969/1970Hervé RevelliAS Saint-Étienne28
1968/1969André GuyOlympique Lyon25
1967/1968Étienne SansonettiAC Ajaccio26
1966/1967Hervé RevelliAS Saint-Étienne31
1965/1966Philippe GondetFC Nantes36
1964/1965Jacky SimonFC Nantes24
1963/1964Ahmed OudjaniRC Lens30
1962/1963Serge MasnaghettiValenciennes FC 35
1961/1962Sékou TouréMontpellier HSC25
1960/1961Roger PiantoniStade Reims28
1959/1960 Just FontaineStade Reims28
1958/1959Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France30
1957/1958Just FontaineStade Reims34
1956/1957Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France33
1955/1956Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France31
1954/1955René BliardStade Reims30
1953/1954Édouard KargulewiczGirondins Bordeaux27
1952/1953Karl Gunnar AnderssonOlympique Marseille35
1951/1952Karl Gunnar AnderssonOlympique Marseille31
1950/1951 Roger PiantoniAS Nancy28
1949/1950Jean GrumellonStade Rennes25
1948/1949Pépi HumpalFC Sochaux26
1948/1949Jean BaratteLille OSC26
1947/1948Jean BaratteLille OSC31
1946/1947 Pierre SinibaldiStade Reims33
1945/1946Rene BihelLille OSC 28
1938/1939 Roger CourtoisFC Sochaux27
1938/1939Désiré KoranyiFC Sète27
1937/1938Jean NicolasFC Rouen26
1936/1937 Oskar RohrRC Strasbourg30
1935/1936Roger CourtoisFC Sochaux34
1934/1935 Andre AbegglenFC Sochaux30
1933/1934 Istvan LukacsFC Sète 28
1932/1933Walter KaiserStade Rennes15

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