Gerard Pique asked FA president to move Spain game so he could watch tennis match with Shakira

Gerard Pique asked FA president to move Spain game so he could watch tennis match with Shakira

El Confidencial continue leaking audios that expose the RFEF (Spanish FA) president Antonio Rubiales. In the latest episode, we learned that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique once tried to re-schedule an official Spain game so he could watch a tennis match with then-partner Shakira.

"Rubi, we have to speak about an issue that is very important for me and you need to do me this favour one way or another. I will explain. I can see that there is a match, which is Spain-Romania on Monday the 18th of November.

"Monday the 18th of November the Davis Cup starts in Madrid, as well. Shakira will do the inauguration, my partner will sing, we will put on a insane show, in the afternoon there will be matches.

"Of course, if that same match between Spain and Romania at the Wanda is also on, we are cannibalising each other, we ruin each other. I don't know what the calendar before is, I don't know if it can be moved to Sunday, which would be perfect.

"I don't know if you play Friday or Thursday… Let's look at the calendar issue, but I know that you still haven't started selling tickets and it would be possible to move it, therefore, let's look at (it)."

The Davis Cup is important to Pique because his company Kosmos Group organizes it in Madrid, alongside the International Tennis Federation.

Besides him wanting to attend the event, perhaps the Barca defender feared that the Spain game (also played in Madrid) would have driven away the audience from the tennis tournament. Hence the "we're cannibalising each other" line.

After all, this conversation took place in 2019, and Pique retired from the national team in 2018. So it wasn't about him having to play the game.

As per the same leaks, Rubiales promised Gerard he'll try to move the fixture, but it did not happen in the end. La Roja went on to win the match 5-0.

Source: El Confidencial (h/t SportBible)
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