'He'll try to nail down a starting spot': fan names one youngster he's especially excited about for this season

'He'll try to nail down a starting spot': fan names one youngster he's especially excited about for this season

Eduardo Camavinga had a rotational role in his first season at Real Madrid, starting just 16 games.

Reddit user u/An*l-examination believes that the 19-year-old will fight for a starting spot this year around, and is excited to see what the Frenchman will do with more playing time.

"I am particularly excited to see Camavinga play next season. I actually don’t think he’s going to go through the sophomore slump that Vinicius Jr. went through in his second season at Real Madrid. I really think next season is when he’s going to try and nail down a starting spot for himself.

"Camavinga had a slow but decent game against Barcelona. Against Club America, he was really, really good. Of course, the quality of the opposition wasn’t as high this time, but he really showed everyone how good he is, and how much potential he’s keeping in his back pocket.

"Camavinga was moving towards the ball, he was very silky in possession, he tried to combine with Tchouameni and Valverde, and progress the ball to the attack, while also making huge interceptions and tackles as he always does.

"Camavinga is just 19 years old, I think we keep forgetting that whenever we see him play. It’s because it doesn’t seem like it. The man is too good, he’s too good for his age, and once he inevitably reaches his full potential, it is going to be impossible to stop him.

"Obviously, the midfield lacks some sort of creativity and progressive passing, but I really think that with time, Eduardo Camavinga will be able to become that creative player.

"He’s going to take the Modric role, doing a little bit of everything, and doing whatever he does as well as he can. I am not saying he is going to be as good as Modric, but I am just very excited by the prospect of everything."

For now, Carlo Ancelotti is expected to keep the same starting midfield trio as last season.

The season is long, though, and Camavinga is sure to get his chances. The question is whether he will be able to deliver. His chances are definitely better than last season, considering that he's adapted to the club already.

Source: Reddit
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