'The boys are ready': Klopp reacts to Man City win

'The boys are ready': Klopp reacts to Man City win

“Two teams who were far away from their best, but what both teams made of what was had was absolutely incredible," Jurgen Klopp told ITV after the Community Shield win over Man City.

"I liked the game a lot, most of the time City games against us are good to watch. We don’t win them always, but they are always entertaining.

“I was happy with the starting line-up and how we started the game, but then I have to say that all subs made a real difference.

"They were really in the game, and I loved that. The thing I learned today was that the boys are ready. That was good."

Liverpool start the season with an emphatic victory over their main title rivals - even though, as Klopp points out, neither side was at the maximum of their powers.

Source: ITV
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