'She literally f***ed us over': Egyptians slam Salah for Queen Elizabeth II tweet

'She literally f***ed us over': Egyptians slam Salah for Queen Elizabeth II tweet

Mo Salah paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in a recent tweet. The message caused quite a stir among Egyptian fans on social media.

The reason is the United Kingdom's imperialist policy toward Egypt in the 20th century.

Many Egyptians have hit out at the Liverpool forward on social media.

Soriddo7: "Look Mo, I've been your supporter since 2014, and I'll continue supporting you because you embody a dream I had once and many of us Egyptians, and I know somehow you were told to post that, but we cannot condone that she is the one who ordered the Triple Aggression in 1956.

"Whoever advised you to post that Mo, he isn't a true Liverpool citizen, he is not well informed of Her Majesty's ludicrous actions against both Egypt and Liverpool."

Frankie Saly: "Read what she did with the Arabs and her history with the Arabs before tweeting like this."

Ahmed Orban: "Disgusting post from the Egyptian King. She literally fucked us over and the whole world Mo."

IAys11: "Our problem with you is not your personal beliefs. Our problem with you is that you represent us as Arabs. You have a great influence, and your participation in these matters is not obligatory for us to make an excuse for you... In every issue that has a problem, we find you the first to tweet!"

Ray0ni: "I swear to God, a catastrophe, a catastrophe, and a tweet that has no justification. Do you know what Britain did in this country???"

Mr Mohamed Atef: "Unfortunately, he is looking only for his fame."

M0tb7: "You must know that you are not forced and you won't earn their respect in this way. The enemies of your country and the enemies of Muslims do not deserve any respect or sympathy from us, and you are the front of the Arabs in Europe. You should look at this differently, but what is wrong with you?"

Arab Guy: "The British army still celebrates their battle against Ahmed Ourabi and the Egyptian army against the imperialist British army in 1882. And this backward retard is giving her a goodbye"

Ben Hamoda: "It costs you nothing to buy a fuckin history book"

Abdul: "He's addicted to selling his soul."
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