How to Find the Right Bookmaker Website in Kenya?

How to Find the Right Bookmaker Website in  Kenya?

How to Find the Right Bookmaker Website in Kenya? 

The Kenyan betting market is undergoing significant growth and is estimated to be 
worth around $40 million. Despite an ongoing worldwide economic slump, the 
market is still on the up.  
The result for the individual consumer? Choice. And lots of it. You’d think that’s a 
good thing, and while that’s undoubtedly the case, it also floods the market with 
low-quality options.  
It’s a little difficult to know what to look for when looking for a solid bookmaker. You 
know where we’re going with this. We’re going to take you through everything you 
need to know before picking where to gamble your hard-earned cash. 
Check Online Reviews  
Don’t listen to a company’s spiel. They’re trying to sell you something, so of course 
they’re going to pull out all of the bells and whistles to try and get you to deposit 
your money. Advertising is part of the game, sure, but when it comes to buying 
online, it pays to be a little cynical sometimes.  
Our advice is to trawl through online reviews to try and get a third-party view of a 
potential bookmaker. Look beyond generic all-purpose review sites, but instead, 
focus on market-specific deep-dives and reviews of Kenyan bookmakers.   
Try and get several viewpoints, if you want to take the OTT step. Check Reddit, 
forums, and several review sites, and make a balanced decision on the overall 
impression you get. 

Bookmakers for Kenyans  
Another thing we highly recommend you do is to find a bookmaker that caters 
specifically to Kenyans. It’s just a far improved experience to a generic international 
setup. Here’s why:  
●Money. It’s a small thing, but it’s annoying to have to manually do the 
calculations from say pounds sterling to the shilling. Also, your balance will 
stay constant based on the shilling, not go all over the place depending on 
what the dollar is doing.  
●Deposits. You want deposits to be easy and snappy. If you have to deposit in 
another currency, for example, it can be a convoluted process.  
●Customer service. Companies that know Kenyan customers will be far better 
when it comes to overall service. They will be aware of the nuances of different 
Now, we’re not saying that the company has to be Kenyan. You can go for a big-
name multinational but look for one that understands the value of the Kenyan 

Customer Service  
If the company knows what it’s doing, you shouldn’t need customer service most of 
the time. But when you do, it’s super important that the bookmaker in question has 
the processes in place to deliver rock-solid support.  
It’s often hard to tell whether a company has a good CS team, but one thing that 
gives you a clue is how easy it is to find their contact information. Is it a clear button 
that takes you to a section full of options (e.g. chat, email, phone number), or is it a 
treasure hunt akin to finding the holy grail? If a company is trying to hide their 
contact details, it’s a bad sign.

How Good are the Bonuses?  
We have a confession to make: we’re not loyal to a single bookmaker. Where the 
bonus goes, we follow. Competition is great for bettors, as companies will continually 
offer generous promotions to try and get you to join the fold.  
Use this to your advantage. Bookmaker bonuses will often even offer no-deposit 
bonuses to get you started. Just make sure to read the small print on any bonuses 
that require a deposit, as the wagering requirement (WR) can often be prohibitively 
Of course, the best bookmakers will not only offer promotions to new players, but 
also to the faithful group that sticks around for the long haul. When you find these, 
hold on and don’t let go.

Check the Government Stamp  
This one is an absolute minimum, no matter the bookmaker you choose. They need 
to have that green stamp from the government, a license to operate and offer bets 
to the market.  
This is the process: go to the footer or About Us section of the bookmaker’s website. 
They will have some sort of claim about the government that has issued their license 
to operate.  
Don’t trust the fancy logo. If you see a claim for a license, check it yourself. Let’s take 
SkyVegas, for example. At the bottom of the website, it says it’s licensed by the UK’s 
Gambling Commission. Verify this yourself by visiting an actual government website 
and checking that everything is kosher. 

Deposit (and Withdraw!) Small Amounts 
Our final piece of advice is to start off with small amounts. We get it, you’re excited to 
drop $100 on your favourite soccer team, but hold your horses for now. You want to 
establish that the bookmaker you’ve chosen is the real deal.  
Look, it’ll probably be fine. You’ve done your research, and you’ve followed our gold-
standard guide. But it’s always best to be careful with both the depositing and 
withdrawal process. If all signs point to green, deposit more. But of course, never 
gamble more than you can afford to lose.  
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