'You're endangering your opponent': Casermiro told to change his tackling technique after red card


'You're endangering your opponent': Casermiro told to change his tackling technique after red card

Former Arsenal player Martin Keown has advised Casemiro to change his tackling technique after picking up a red card in Man United's goalless draw vs Southampton.

“Although when you look at the first one [red card against Palace] when he had his hands on the throat of an opponent at Palace, I think that the slow-motion is killing him there because he’s not squeezing the guy by the throat, he’s just placing his hand there, I think it was Will Hughes, then he pulls his hand away and that’s why it looked like more than it did.

“This one, I thought that it was a sending off and I think that’s down to the technique of tackle.

“As a tackler, that was my game as a contact defender, I went into a tackle on my side and for anyone listening, if you look at Casemiro he went in on his backside. When you go in on your backside your foot has to come up and okay, he wins the ball, but his studs are showing, his foot comes up above the ball and catches the opponent.

“If he tries to slide in on his side with a different technique, he can pinch that ball and not injure his opponent.

“That, for me, has crept into the game. You see a lot of it now of people leaping into a challenge and I know it looks worse in slow-mo and I would like the PGMOL to look at it that the final thing he sees when he goes pitch-side is the action played at full speed.”

“You can’t get hurt when you go in like that. You’re protecting yourself and endangering your opponent,” he added.

“Change your technique, go in off your side. Slide in off your hip, it’s a different technique and the modern-day player seems to go in on their backside and what happens is you fall back and it brings your legs up and so his foot is going to rise if he takes that technique going into tackles.”

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