Barcelona Holds Crucial Talks with La Liga Officials Over Lionel Messi's Transfer Plan

Barcelona Holds Crucial Talks with La Liga Officials Over Lionel Messi's Transfer Plan

Regardless of the challenges it may present, Barcelona seems resolute in their efforts to secure a deal that would bring Lionel Messi back to the team this summer, as Per Football Espana

As per reports from El Chiringuito (via Diario AS), representatives from both La Liga and Barcelona had a meeting over a meal in Madrid, during which they explored possible avenues for bringing the Argentinian star back to Spain.

 At a restaurant in Madrid, the Director of Football, Mateu Alemany, and Treasurer, Ferran Olive, held a meeting with Corporate General Director Javier Gomez and General Executive Director Oscar Mayo from La Liga to discuss the issue at hand.

After spending an hour and fifteen minutes together, the two representatives from La Liga departed, leaving Mateu Alemany and Ferran Olive behind at the restaurant. The two of them continued to work on calculations for an additional two hours.

As he left the restaurant, Alemany described the gathering as an "unofficial meeting." As someone responsible for negotiations and financial planning at Barcelona, Alemany's role will be pivotal in the upcoming summer transfer window. His task is to present a viable plan to La Liga that, if approved, would enable the club to make additional signings.

In recent weeks, there seems to have been a shift in the attitudes of both La Liga and Barcelona, with President Javier Tebas expressing his desire for Messi to come back. 

Alemany later informed the media that although Messi had spent some time in Barcelona over the past weekend, the club had not made any contact with him.

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