'It's not working': Mikel Obi criticizes Chelsea owners, says club was 'too big' for Potter

'It's not working': Mikel Obi criticizes Chelsea owners, says club was 'too big' for Potter

Former Chelsea iconic midfielder Mikel Obi granted an interview with Dubai Eye in which he bared his mind on what has been going on at the club lately.

The Champions League winner slammed the Chelsea owners for signing too many players.

"I don't know if they're making decisions right but for me it just seems like they're bringing just so many different players and it's just not working really," Mikel said.

Mikel also went on to argue that the Chelsea job was simply too big for Graham Potter and he proved he wasn't cut out for it despite being given enough time.

"Was the club too big for him to manage? Maybe because when I look at him sometimes on the touchline it's like he doesn't really know what to do you know he's not communicating to the players. He doesn't tell them what to do on the pitch.

"I think was he given enough time I think so I think when you look at where the club is now I mean what is it 11th? 11th yeah seven months. So when you look at it I mean he's been given a lot of time. If he was in the Roman Abramovich era [he would've been sacked earlier]," Mikel said.

"He was given enough time I think. The club made the right decision to sack him.

"He wasn't a manager who's always motivated who wants to be very passionate on the touchline.

"Like a manager telling you what to do sometimes. Players need that. We need a bit of a kick up the backside you know to be able to wake up.

"I wasn't seeing that [with Potter]," Mikel said.

Mikel went on to express his excitement about Frank Lampard's return to managing Chelsea on an interim basis.

"Yeah I'm very happy I mean I think the last time he was at the club I think he did really well I think he started really well he brought the likes of Mason Mount to the club.

"He brought a lot of young players into the club you know, the team were playing really well.

"But I think towards the end of his stay things were not going well for him and then the club decided to sack him

"But I think if you look at Frank and if you look at the way he's been speaking since he came back I think you can feel maybe there's a little bit of hope and enthusiasm."

Here's the full interview Mikel had with Dubai Eye:

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