Noel Gallagher Claims Sir Alex Ferguson 'Never Invented Anything' and Pep Guardiola 'Changed Football


Noel Gallagher Claims Sir Alex Ferguson 'Never Invented Anything' and Pep Guardiola 'Changed Football

Praised extensively for his outstanding managerial stints at Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and City, Pep Guardiola is regarded as one of the all-time greatest managers.

 This season, the 52-year-old City manager has the opportunity to match Sir Alex Ferguson's historic achievement of winning a continental treble with his team.

With his incredible achievements during his lengthy tenure at Manchester United, Ferguson is widely regarded as one of the greatest managers of all time, much like Guardiola.

The renowned Scottish figure, who is 81 years old, achieved an impressive record of 13 Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, and five FA Cups during his tenure at Old Trafford.

During a talkSPORT interview, Gallagher criticized Ferguson, a celebrated figure at Manchester United, by boldly stating that he did not create anything noteworthy in his illustrious career.

According to the former Oasis star, Guardiola's inability to lead the club to the Champions League trophy would not be seen as a failure at City.

“Alex Ferguson never invented anything. Pep Guardiola changed football,” Gallagher said.

Responding to Gallagher, talkSPORT host Andy Goldstein said: “He has won the treble. He has 13 Premier League titles.”

He added: “I think Pep needs to prove himself, the last time he won the Champions League was 2012. Eleven years ago, with Xavi, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. Even I could have won the Champions League with them.”

Gallagher criticized Ferguson's history in the Champions League, and later laughed at the suggestion that Guardiola could be deemed a "failure" at Etihad, given his loyalty to the City club.

“Well, the greatest manager of all time, jammed two Champions League finals, one on penalties and one in injury time,” he said.

Goldstein then asked: “For argument’s sake, if Guardiola leaves Man City without winning the Champions League, is he a failure?”

Responding to Goldstein, Gallagher argued: “That is mental. Failure? What are you talking about?

“He has changed the way that football is played in this country. And probably every country he has ever been in.

“Everyone plays out from the back, kids are doing it and they don’t even know what it means. But they do it because he does it. He is a tactical genius.”

Goldstein continued: “I can’t dispute that but I don’t think we can take anything away from Sir Alex Ferguson.”

Gallagher simply finished off the conversation by responding to Goldstein: “Oh, I can. And I will.”

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